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Voice, Breath and Body in Harmony

Free your voice with Holistic Voice Coaching / Singing Lessons

Voice, Breath and Body in Harmony

Everything we experience affects our voices, our breathing and our bodies. Tension and stress often stifle our voices and cause shallow breathing. Through easy to learn 'First Nature' exercises (www.firstnature.org) we can re-establish natural breath, body and mind patterns. Our voices become richer and more resonant, our breathing fuller, our minds more at ease.

From corporate clients to older people, and individuals dealing with special conditions, our exercises can help in many areas, including chronic conditions (e.g. breathing difficulties, ME), mental health, drugs, alcohol and smoking

Our exercises offer these benefits:

  • Freeing and strengthening of the speaking voice (e.g. for teachers)
  • Establishing healthy breathing patterns
  • Improving overall health and well-being
  • Improving posture and back pain
  • Improving clarity of thought and concentration
  • Improving the quality of rest

In the work place:
First Nature in the work place Many of us spend a large proportion of our time at work. The stresses and strains of commuting, computing, demanding deadlines and the brutal pace that we live at, often override the natural pace of our bodies and our breathing. Our exercises can counteract the effects of a demanding work environment, helping us to relax and work more efficiently.